Hallo! Here is Ms. Scherm’s intern, Caroline. Yesterday we had a shoot at the Symposium Einkauf Logistik put on the BME Verband. At the conference, we took photos of many people from the convention. We photographed everyone from the new young professionals to people who had attended the conference for years. Before they had their photos taken, I put powder on their faces, lint rolled their jackets, made sure their glasses had no smudges, and fixed their hair. These were are all steps to help them look their absolute best in the photos. While they were having their photos taken, I would continue to make sure their clothing and hair was implace. And when they were done they would go right over to the computer and choose which photo taken of them was their favorite. It was so much fun to see them excited about how great the looked in the photos. Many had a difficult time choosing their favorite. It was a great atmosphere to work in because everyone who came into the room left with a big smile and an amazing photo.

It was a really engaging day where I was able to learn a lot. I learned about poses for people that made them look both professional and friendly. I also saw how to create a comfortable enviroment for people to have their photograph taken in. Ms. Scherm’s constant encouragement of the employees helped them feel confortable and confident which created stunning photos. I also learned a lot about creating a makeshift photography studio, itself. We got there a day early so we could have plenty of time to set up the backdrop and lights and to find the perfect lighting. I was really interesting seeing a regular room turn into a real studio. I learned a lot and the people who were photographed were very pleased. Overall it was a very rewarding day for everyone involved.